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In 1579 Carvajal was granted land in what is now northeastern Mexico, just north of what was then considered New Spain.This area welcomed both Conversos and practicing Jews, with about seventy five percent of the initial settlers being secretly Jewish.He notes that nearly all the dies prepared under the tenure of the first assayer use this purported aleph symbol in place of the Christian cross potent mark found almost universally on medieval Spanish and Mexican coinage.Nathan goes on to consider possible Jewish family connections to the known early Mexican mint workers.Another group of Jews that came at this time were industrialists from France.However many of the French arrivals were not interested in staying permanently and eventually went back after making their fortunes in Mexico.The persecution of Jews came to New Spain along with the conquistadors.Bernal Díaz del Castillo described in his writings various execution of soldiers during the conquest of Mexico because they were accused of being practicing Jews, including Hernando Alonzo, who built the boats Cortés used to assault Tenochtitlán.

One notable episode during the colonial period was the establishment of the New Kingdom of León.

The largest number of prosecutions by the Mexican Inquisition occurred in the wake of the 1640 dissolution of the Iberian Union, when Spain and Portugal were ruled by the same monarch.

Portuguese merchants more easily entered Spanish America, and a complex community of crypto-Jews connected to transatlantic and transpacific trade networks emerged.

After Mexico gained its Independence, it abolished the Inquisition but Catholic religion was declared official.

Remaining Crypto-Jews still did not openly admit to such but did begin to observe various Jewish rituals and from 1825 to 1860 and a few European Jews from Germany and Eastern Europe arrived.

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