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During all of the travel and distance, the couple welcomed two sons, “Despite the multiple deployments, we somehow managed to get pregnant twice” Erin laughed.

Terry and Erin both looked forward to Terry’s homecomings, “Communication was either non-existent or very little during the actual deployment.

We may not see eye to eye on everything, but we are invested in trying to understand why the other is hurting, frustrated or sad.” As for their future, Erin says she and her husband are looking forward to it, “We are eager to make new memories even sweeter than the ones we’ve left in the past.

CKFF thought Terry and Erin’s story perfectly captured what service couples struggle with daily.Erin recalls, “His deployments were short but came often.The bags stayed packed.” In addition to those war deployments, Terry completed multiple war training deployments and a 1-year assignment in Korea.Once again, we cannot thank you and the foundation enough. We were able to take a deep breath and returned home with our hearts on the same team, ready to take on the world...

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