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Do your homework and joke about us, but get to know the reasons and theories behind our crazy hobby.

TLC is creating an entire paranormal-themed night just in time for Halloween. 21, the Discovery-owned network will kick off Friday Night Frights, a block of ghost-centric programming.

I would love to poke fun at the TV investigator versus the die-hard old-school investigators.

And they can poke fun at our equipment, or the fact that we pretty much never find ghosts.

Shepherdstown, West Virginia has a population of under 2,000, but everyone seems to have experienced some sort of paranormal activity.

This entire genre has generally fared well on TV, but with FX’s “American Horror Story” now parodying it with its new season, interest in the original tales is sure to spike.

Would you prefer seeing these women as characters existing in the same universe as the other Ghostbusters, or as original characters in an entirely fresh reboot?

But original Ghostbusters Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Ernie Hudson make cameos in the film, and have thrown their support behind it.

And this time, the bustin' will come courtesy of a cast of four women comedians.

After an incredibly long development process, director Paul Feig confirmed the date and appeared to announce his cast of previous collaborators Melissa Mc Carthy ( castmates stars Kate Mc Kinnon and Leslie Jones.

That includes new series “Kindred Spirits,” starring “Ghost Hunters” alumni Adam Berry and Amy Bruni, and The Wrap has an exclusive clip from the premiere.

“Kindred Spirits,” which will air at 10/9c, sees Berry and Bruni taking their paranormal expertise back on the road, first to a big, old farm in northern Pennsylvania.

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