American woman dating an egyptian man

This was when she went to the embassy and that was when they told her “we told you so!”Just writing about this topic clogs my arteries; seriously, I cannot breathe!The gruesome reality women face in Egypt, however, doesn’t stop within their own homes.With men being the superior gender in all aspects of life, Egyptian women often face suppression, violence and injustice.I know, I know, the quarter-life crisis is never easy!But it’s not the reality of being a 20-something in search for a purpose in life, or the horrific dating landscape, that dominates my life.Sandy told me that her countrymen could still bully their women and that they were far from perfect, but at least they were honest, straightforward, and took marriage seriously.

After a year of suffering and utter misery, Sandy got a divorce … A single foreign mother in Egypt could be quiet traumatizing.I asked Sandy to continue narrating her experience and she told me that his family was against the marriage; “they told him that I was loose and that he should get married to a virgin.They warned him that I would corrupt his children and reminded him that I was from a different religion.The blatant sexual harassment and a lack of equality opened my eyes to the work that still needs to be done in Egypt to become a comfortable living space for women.In no part of the world has society been able to eradicate discrimination against women, but Egypt has largely failed to even make attempts to create gender equality.

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He had the looks, the manners, the class, the charm, and the money.

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