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Uniquely among male novelists of his era, Hawthorne’s compelling story of the callous judgment meted out to an unmarried mother by the puritans of Boston, Massachusetts, is a moving and thoughtful study of society’s ambivalent and contradictory treatment of women.

I myself am American but my mother was German/Dutch and my father was Pakistani.

This text splits the difference by using 1776, the year the Declaration of Independence was signed, as the cutoff year for the period.

For the sake of classification, in fact, all of the literature of the period can be broken down into just ten genres: 1) travel writing, most often written by the explorers themselves to describe the land, indigenous peoples, and log the exploration, starting with preparations for the journey, the voyage, arrival and explorations in the territory and interactions with natives, and the return to Great Britain, if one was made, 2) historical writing; historians have written in every age since the Hebrews wrote the Old Testament; these consist of long essays or narratives and relate tell a non-fiction account of what transpired; usually written in the third person, and covering significant events of general interest, 3) religious writing, usually written by clergy in the form of journals, sermons, or commentaries on the Bible and religious experiences, 4) philosophy, a genre that ranges from pure metaphysical speculation, to early sociology, to transcendentalism; written in the form of long essays, 5) natural science writings, 6) newspaper, journalism, and political essay writing, covering most recent events to essays and pamphlets written to persuade others to the author's opinion, 7) poetry, 8) drama, 9) humor, 10 fiction in the form of short stories, or sketches, and novels.

What difference does that make, you can love anyone from any country at any time. Some people actually prefer to date foreigners, they think they are more interesting.

If you talk to lots of Americans, which you should do, you will find so many of them that have parents from different countries. Also why are you too seeming to only want American white women?

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