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Most Chinaware makes big boastful claims, yet little of it ever proves to be true.

The most laughable one is the idea that anything they release is "professional quality", given how most of it is simply repackaged low-end open-source code developed by home coding enthusiasts.

When it comes to this Chinaware, understand that what you buy is often all you'll ever get.

Amazon is bound by studio contracts to make all attempts to make video content "secure" and to close up all loopholes.

Once installed, it's often easy to see open-source library DLL files. Most of those Chinaware companies do little more than repackage code under a pretty new GUI.

In many cases, the original open-source coding is found in command line utilities developed on Linux, therefore it's not something easy to use by the layman, even if tracked down.

Because of security advancements made in the RTMP security protocols in 2009-2011, and suits like the one against Applian, many streams are now near-impossible to physically "download" -- meaning you'll never get the original, unaltered quality stream.

Companies hawking their "stream recording" software are now largely utilizing screen capturing techniques, which yield lower quality video, and vary in quality (in references to software bugs, rate of dropped frames, audio sync, ease of use, etc).

Let's look first at who/what Aimersoft is: Aimersoft High Tech Industry Park SHENZHEN, Guangdong, CN 518000 Be warned that most Chinese software is simply "ripping off" (stealing code from) open-source software.For the sake of comparison, a 0 professional video program like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere doesn't even get a commission.Most of those sales are capped at about 4% on average (pro software ranges from 2% on low end, up to 15% from a few select software makers).The offenders includes Aimersoft, Cucusoft, Wondershare, Pavtube, OJOsoft, Xilisoft, etc.I've seen members of several forums reply to said spams, by giving this sort of reply: I have found out that Aimersoft's DRM Media Converter can be used to remove the DRM.

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While doing a Google search, I have run across Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate that for $60 claims it can download and record video from Video on Demand of Amazon.

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