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But let's be honest: this reality star wasn't the first famous female to ditch her shirt for a national magazine spread... Thank you to all the readers who replied to our previous poll, asking whether you'd rather sleep with Michael Phelps or Mark Spitz. Then, focus on the similarly pressing question below. Amanda Beard has proven that she's as fast on land as she is in water.After the Olympics, most of the country will stop caring and won't hear from them unless they follow the sport.

In other Phelps news, the swimming sensation will not be wearing the eight gold medals he won in Beijing on a Wheaties box. Say no, I don't see him as more than a teammate, and leave it at that.

Phelps dissed the famed x93Breakfast of Championsx94 for rival Kelloggx92s Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes. Imagine if Phelps or Lochte had said the same thing about one of the less pretty female swimmers- it's just rude.

The be-Speedoed cereal boxes will hit supermarkets in mid-September. I can understand if she's refusing to let their people (or at least his people) cook up a straight romance and I actually respect her for not going along with it.

Here r6Olympic swimmer and Playboy covergirl Amanda Beard yesterday denied she is dating 14-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, with a rather insensitive x93Ew, no! I have never, ever in my life hooked up with Michael Phelps,x94 the pool princess told a Phoenix radio show.

When asked if shex92d ever kissed Phelps, Beard replied, x93Ew, no.x94x93I have really good taste,x94 she continued.

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