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I’ve been unsuccessful long enough to know where I’m at right now, I’m damn lucky.” Did You Know: DR. Drake’s bedside manner: Robin: “There’s a connect, a trust.I’m sure they’ll wreck it somehow because of their intimacy issues. After I graduated, I met numerous agents and one of them said, ‘Come to Italy.’ That was on a Thursday, by Tuesday I was in Italy.I am officially single.” So with the fantasy still in tact, Thompson is happily settling into Port Charles. At the end of the day, I’m measured by what my family and friends say about me.

To spare you the pain of having to watch that cinematic abortion, below is a video featuring her nude scenes from the film.The 1980’s were certainly the cultural golden years in the US of A.For not only was the American government funding Al-Qaeda to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan and secretly selling weapons to the caliphate of Iran, but women on television were covering their shameful bodies in bulky leg warmers and over-sized bedazzled jackets and sweaters. Alyssa’s first film was Old Enough, a drama film, released in 1984, in which she played the role of . The album was around 30 minutes in length, consisting of 9 tracks.

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Alyssa became a nubile sex symbol in the 1980’s while playing Tony Danza’s daughter “Samantha Micelli” on the hit show “Who’s The Boss”.

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