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She would be in England, and surely we would know about her!A girl on another message board said this: Of course he's not married!! If he had a girlfriend how come there hasn't been anything in the newspapers?Five months ago, since the split, Frain has fallen for the winger, who is two years younger, while at the Manchester United Christmas party.They have since been dating since, despite the language barrier.He is till a baby himself really.hasn't seen the world- and what's more, he still hold his mum's hand, the cutie!!Here is an arcticle translated using a translating website.

Great Western Railway - Reading 3rd March 2018 pm Severely reduced service on Great Western Railway due to adverse weather conditions.I wear a ring on my wedding finger, two in fact and one is like a small engagement ring, but I'm not married!They just don't fit on the other finger, and they're sentimental so I don't remove them..Lauren's beautiful and can have any man she wants but she's a one-woman man. There are so many rumours about Ronaldo's love life, its hard to know what is going on in the boy's love life.It's still early days with Cristiano.'But a spokeswoman for Lauren played down their romance, saying: 'Lauren has only been introduced to Cristiano.'Sorry lasses, he's taken for the mo!!! Perhaps we can gather information here and share it out.

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Rumours are flying about discussing his relationship with his ex fellow Sporting team mate, Marcus Jardel's model sister, Jordana.

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