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Microsoft is calling these services "add-ins," and more will continue to be added.Moving onto the Chat tab, you can now add your reaction to specific messages in Skype, similar to Discord and Slack.Free calls to friends and family Skype lets you place free voice and video calls to other Skype users, or, for a small charge, voice calls to landlines and mobile numbers.Further, the refreshed app sports a new interface with a focus on messaging, making it easier than ever to fire up a chat.Text bubbles can also have gradient backgrounds, just like middle school Power Point presentations.Finally, the Capture tab has a viewfinder for taking photos and video.Video calls such as Skype, might help but are not routinely used; we should consider learning needs to increase uptake and ensure effective use.

Using video calls in clinical practice is not new [10] but often expensive videoconferencing equipment is used [11].‘Off-the-shelf’ video calls, such as Skype and Face Time are now ubiquitous on consumer devices and Skype is being used in chronic diseases, surgical education, clinical education, speech and language pathology, mental health, urology and pathology, but infrequently for healthcare in the home [11].End-of-life is an appropriate situation in which to consider use of video calls as many aspects, such as efficient communication, confidentiality, empathy and multidisciplinary team working, are acute in nature and important to get right first time because there is ‘only one chance to get it right’ [12].Most participants thought video calls could be used to advantage in many end-of-life scenarios, especially in rural areas.Seven themes, covering 59 learning needs for HCPs, were identified (in priority order): (i) confidence and technical ability in using video calls; (ii) being aware of how video calls fit into clinical practice; (iii) managing video calls; (iv) communication skills on ‘camera’; (v) understanding how patients and families may be affected by video call use; (vi) presenting video calls as an option to patients and families to assess their readiness; (vii) normal professional skills that become essential for effective video calls.

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  1. They are confident enough to make a decision, and if they make a mistake, the leader must have the courage to rectify, assume their guilt and take the right path, without blaming it on the team.