Adult picture and video swapping trail telephone dating service

That program was built and packed up by another individual – Deepfakeapp – who uses the chat board to distribute the code along with instructions for creating bogus footage.

Deepfakeapp told us they are not Deepfakes; it appears the two collaborated to some degree on this project. A deep-learning neural network is trained to identify someone's face in a still video frame – such as an adult actress in a blue movie – and swap it with someone else's face – such as a TV celeb or singer.

In their mind, we should expect such code to emerge in public as powerful AI technology becomes more and more accessible – and this tech will be used for good, and bad.

"Ultimately, for better or worse, it's impossible to stop anyone from doing what they want with this tool, and unfortunately that means some will abuse it," the developer told The Register on Wednesday.

A video of the victim – from a TV show or film or home movie – will produce enough frames to train the model, once cropped and processed.

That's incredibly horrible already – but who’s to stop anyone from using it to create child pornography, or revenge porn?"However, I'm optimistic that the community is going to continue to by and large use it make creative, innovative, and positive work, as they have so far." But why make a desktop Windows app that's so obviously going to be used for evil?"It's because I want to spread this incredible face swapping technology to users who don't necessarily have a tech background," Deepfakeapp replied.“This app is intended to allow users to move through the full deep-fake creation pipeline—creating training data, training a model, and creating fakes with that model—without the need to install Python and other dependencies or parse code,” according to the program's documentation.You have to be quite the pervert to bother collecting hundreds or thousands of images of your desired target, and then wait several hours for the algorithm to finish training, though. There are countless threads of people posting their results, or asking for advice on how to make the faces less blurry or how to align the eyebrows. Deepfakeapp told El Reg one user was able to paste Carrie Fisher's face on another actor's head better than Hollywood artists were able to do in Star War: Rogue One.

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