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You may also find it useful to ask friends, family or carers who have helped you in the past to be part of your assessment.‌ Here is an example of who you might like to involve in your assessment: Your unpaid carers may also qualify for support in their own right. Once the assessment has been done we will give you a copy of the completed assessment form.If you qualify for funded support, we will tell you how much money we think you will need to pay for your support - your Personal Budget - and ask you to create your own support plan. This will show how you will use your Personal Budget to meet your care needs.If you haven't been able to find the right information and advice you may want to have a face-to-face chat with a social care worker who can support you to find local solutions.Our social care workers are available in a variety of community venues throughout the week, please visit our Talking Points page for more information.If you live in Derby, we can give you information, advice and guidance which will help to keep you independent.This can help you to decide what to do and how to plan your future.An assessment means: We use the information from your assessment to decide if you qualify for support under the Care Act 2014.It's really important to ask a family member, carer or someone who knows you well to be with you during the assessment if you find it difficult to express your views and wishes, if you don't have anyone to support you, you can arrange for an independent advocate to support you.

There is a choice from a variety of options for the type of support tailored to specific needs.We can help and advise you, but it's also really important that you work out where you can get help from others.This may be through family, friends, neighbours or community groups and organisations.We encourage everyone to lead independent lives with the support of family, friends, neighbours and your local community.However, this isn't always possible and we can give you information on what support is available.

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