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He chose a heading skirting the south bank of the river heading due west out of Chattanooga.It hugged the northern tip of the mountain before entering the valley near Lookout Creek.The railroad was under constant attack during the Civil War by both the North and South as they battled for control of the strategic line.

The NC&St L ultimately settled into a regional role as a bridge line and remained an important component of the L&N before formally disappearing in the 1950s.The road's notable promoters included Vernon Stevenson, Alfred Nicholson, Dr. Of this group, Stevenson and Overton stood above the rest, working very hard to secure funding for the project.In some cases, Stevenson literally went door-to-door to sell stock!, has a history dating back to the mid-1840s, chartered as the Nashville & Chattanooga to connect its namesake cities.At its height the NC&St L stretched across much of Tennessee linking the major cities of Atlanta, Memphis, Chattanooga, Nashville, Lexington, and even the western tip of Kentucky.

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The celebrity locomotive in what was also known as .

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