Adult chats with no credit card needed

He too saying all that you want to hear and build a relationship with you and then oh by the way I am in Africa and I need a i Tunes card to update my phone so I can get to my apps on my phone so I can give this company money. My alarm bells went off amd when I told him no I cant.

He just says you my only hope yeah right I dont think so.

If you’re not shopping at the i Tunes store, you shouldn’t be paying with an i Tunes gift card.

This guy tells me he needs i Tunes card to have enough data to keep in touch with me.

I don’t get why he’d want the i Tunes card if he can’t actually use it to obtain money.

I only give cards, he keeps asking for or more but I haven’t given in!

" Ive not answered this person , but she is getting a bit pushy... I met a guy on find a millionaire dating site an claims he is a international police officer in Indianapolis.

About 3weeks ago he asked me to buy a i Tunes gift card so he can use for his phone to get more data to video chat me?? He told me wen he's finish his mission in turkey he will video chat me.. THIS PERSON BY THE NAME OF DAVID MILLER IS CALLING ME FROM 781-990-2447, SAYING I OWE A CASH ADVANCE AND I NEED TO GO TO WALMART AND GET ITUNES CARD NOT ONE BUT 3 CARDS WITH DIFFERENT AMOUNTS.

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