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PS: Here’s a link to The British Psychological Society’s Code of Ethics and Conduct.

PAST EVENTS , we received an email from the Governance Manager of the British Psychological Society letting us know that a Director of the Society has been appointed to investigate the issues we have raised and that the investigation will take 4 weeks to complete.

But to date, the uncorrected version of the PTM Framework ( i.e.

the version containing 16 references to ADHD, all of which are stigmatising and harmful) is still on the British Psychological Society’s website here Sadly, we have some doubts as to whether the Framework has been amended as Lucy Johnstone and her fellow authors are adamantly opposed to psychiatric diagnoses as illustrated in one of the attached tweets as well as in the following quote from the 3rd paragraph on page 314 of the PTM Framework: At the same time as affirming people’s right to describe their difficulties as they wish, we affirm the equally important principle that professionals, researchers, trainers, lecturers, charities, policy-makers and others involved in the mental health field should use language and concepts that have some claim to be descriptively accurate and evidence-based.

This list will evolve over time with the advancement of knowledge in this area.

Psychologists are therefore well placed and encouraged to consider these factors in their own decision-making.

As a result of this we, Adult Attention Deficit Disorder-UK (AADD-UK), became aware of the published document so we downloaded the full version (414 pages) and read it.

People being assessed for ADHD should chase up their own cases because… Just say that you have to treat the depression and anxiety first.

Of course, if they go on bogging up their lives because of the ADHD they’ll go on feeling depressed and anxious, so you never have to treat the ADHD!

See for example this 2016 tweet from the lead author: and this 2018 tweet from another PTMF author: There are plenty more examples from others, but you get the picture.

The authors, of course, as private individuals have the right to their opinions and have the right to publish them under their own names.

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