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ADAMU is the fifth defendant to plead guilty in the case. Larsen said: “Every defendant in today’s announcement shares one trait in common – greed.

Four other defendants – TOUREY AHMED RUFAI, a/k/a “Joe Thompson,” a/k/a “Joe Terry,” a/k/a “Rufai A Tourey,” a/k/a “Ahmed Rufai Tourey,” PRINCE NANA AGGREY, ABDUL RASHID MASOUD, and MUBARAK BATURI, a/k/a “Eben Karsah,” were arrested in 2018 and also pled guilty earlier this year. This desire for money drove them to prey upon the vulnerable in our society.

You will meet Ghanaians on all of the major dating websites and many of the more specialized chat rooms.

Only after a relationship is formed does the correspondent advise that they are from Ghana.

Relationships can last anywhere from 1-3 months before the Ghanaian correspondents will ask you for money.

There are several generic stories that are used: death or illness in the family, need to escape an abusive situation, visa and travel expenses, or arrest by customs officials for smuggling gold.

Christopher James from NY, NY or North Bergen, NJ Please be aware that someone is using this persons name and/or pictures. Uses US military pictures and profiles for scam Not rated yet A man contacted me on Skype, and said he was a military officer. But I had to pay a fee for this antifraud fee, than ministry of finance …

Berman, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, William F. This is especially true for companies with a high level of awareness about business email compromises, and those individuals who are caught off guard by a scammer willing to capitalize on their trust and compassion.

Money plus I love you's and never personally met equals … I wrote them: " I was scammed by this client in your bank in Accra. WATCH OUT FOR ROSE AWUKU OF ACCRA GHANA AND HER FAMILY This is a recent experience I have been through.Regardless of the reason for the request, people are usually so involved in the relationship that they send money on the first request.At this point, relationships have usually advanced from email to phone calls.Often, you will have spoken with the Ghanaian's "relatives" and/or visa broker and feel like a part of the family.Some people start to question the relationship after they receive two or three requests for money and no visit.

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Sweeney Jr., the Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), and Jonathan D. This fraud alone involved the alleged theft of more than $10 million, proving there’s often a way around the general safeguards put in place by businesses and individuals alike.

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