Accomodating people with learning disabilities is online dating successful

But test centers provide accommodations for people with many types of disabilities: This isn’t a complete list.No matter what disability you have—If it gives you problems taking tests, you may qualify for an accommodation.But how to apply will depend on what test you take.That’s because the GED test is no longer the only HSE test available.The doctor will need to report your scores on tests for learning and cognitive disabilities.Test prep can also be tough if you have ADHD, a learning disability, or other disabilities.People suffering from ADHD may drop out because school is so difficult. To get accommodations for ADHD, you'll need information from a psychiatrist, medical doctor, or psychologist who specializes in ADHD.

The HSE test accommodations you can receive (such as frequent breaks or extra time) will be based on your symptoms.The following are major types of learning disabilities: A learning disability is not an emotional disturbance, intellectual disability, or sensory impairment.It is not the result of environmental deprivation, inadequate parenting or lack of educational opportunity.Generally, the successful accommodations are ones which will 1] provide clear guidance as to workplace expectations, both for the “hardcore” work tasks and the more broadly social ones inherent in the workplace, 2] provide clear and repeated work instructions, both orally and in writing, and 3] respond with specific aids to the particular learning disabilities.Possible specific accommodations include: checklists to assist with organization, periodic meetings with supervisors, frequent and specific feedback on meeting expectations, modified examinations and training programs, and modified work schedules.

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