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We recommend that the first date be considered an ice-breaker.

Meet for coffee or dessert, and plan on seeing each other for no more than two or two-and-a-half hours.

Your code, quite simply, helps you get what you want and makes sure you never have to settle. It’s all about knowing yourself first – before you get to know someone else!

The above is just one of countless possible permutations on The List. Once you do, look through all the things you put on that list and prioritize the ten most important.

Remember that these conversations are two-way streets. If you realize that you are doing too much of the talking, stop, apologize for doing so, and ask your date some questions.If you find first-date conversation awkward, think in advance about the topics you can discuss and how you can develop them.Steer away from deeply personal subjects -- in other words, topics that can lead to a discussion about painful or embarrassing information, or deep feelings that should be reserved for when two people are more comfortable with each other.You can even tell your date in advance that this is the time frame you feel a first date should follow.This gives the two of you a chance to feel more comfortable in each other's presence, minimizes awkward silences, and gives you something to build on for your second date.

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