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A serious issue can arise if the drivers you need to install on your device simply are not compatible with your device’s hardware.That can usually happen if you are using an old device.Another thing you can try is updating the drivers automatically through the Device Manager: On most operating systems, Open GL updates are provided separately from operating system updates.

Open GL support on Linux systems is achieved by using extensions for the X server.All that sounds complicated, but the info will help you understand how manufacturers provide driver support to Linux users, and why you need to get the right driver update to fix Open GL errors.While some only offer support for Open Source efforts through the DRI, others only rely on closed source frameworks.It’s normally enough to access your GPU manufacturer’s website to get them: Just select your device’s configuration, and you’ll be directed towards the relevant drivers.You can also try Guru3D since the site distributes beta releases of graphics drivers, sometimes giving you access to new functionalities before the official driver release.

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It’s also a software implementation of the Open GL specifications (and others).

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