1 year dating anniversary gift ideas him

It's been a great tool for his depression - when he's down and I'm far away, he has that to flick through to help remember how good things can be.

:)Bought tickets to see Panthers v Steelers in Charlotte.

With puzzles having as many as 1,000 pieces, there is a style for everyone.

Few people ever get a portrait of themselves or with they’re loved one, which makes it such a surprising and unique present.

Called her boss (who is a family friend, pretty cool coincidence) and asked him to give her the day off, did it because that guy is seriously the coolest mother fuck on the planet, lined the hallway with candles leading to the bedroom.

Did the whole flower pedal and thing and administered a really bad massage with the oils and whatnot, she fell asleep.

It’s actually easy because My Da Vinci starts with a snapshot and transforms it into a pencil sketch, ink drawing, Da Vinci Sketch, or oil painting surprisingly fast.

A picture says 1,000 words, so what do ten times that say?Got her a necklace that I could afford and she wears that thing like it's a 500 year old family heirloom, makes me feel like I made a damn fine decision. She called me a few days after and was like, "oh shit madrigore I was thinking and the other day was our one year! I attached an index card in her favorite color with a memory from the item.Put them in a envelope with some pictures of the 2 of us from that year and mailed it to her. I took her out dinner to the restaurant where we went on our first real date, made her a nice card with an original (and admittedly mediocre) poem and some flowers...She's a huge Steelers fan, I'm a huge Panthers fan. Until the Panthers got rocked 43-3damn I am a lucky man.It’s already been just about a year, and your 1 year anniversary is quickly approaching.

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